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  Measuring for dog collars annrees dog measuring guide
  of your dog's neck where collar is worn
· Follow guidance given for each collar

Measuring for dog coats

· Decide whether your dog would suit
  more of a square or hound-shaped
  coat (see right). If your dog habitually
  holds its tail up, then opt for square.
· Measure along spine, using a flexible
  tape measure, from neck (as shown -
  note hound-shaped coats reach a little
  further up neck) to:
  for hound-shaped: about 3 inches
  over start of tail dock (as shown)
  for square-shaped: start of tail dock
  (as shown - as tail is normally raised)
· Use this "length" when ordering coats

Please note: Hound-shaped coats are suitable for many non-hound breeds that are slender in frame, narrow noticeably from the chest to the belly and DO NOT normally raise their tails. Use the images (right) as a guide - or call Ann if unsure.

Please see images and check lists for sizing guidance.
  Measuring for chaps annrees human measuring guide
Please make all measurements over clothes and footware to be worn

· H-O: Inside leg between groin and O
· I-O: Outside leg between waist and O
· I: Waist
· J: Upper thigh
· K: Knee
· L: Just below knee
· M: Widest part of calf
· N: Midway between M and O
· O: Just below ankle bone with boots on
· L-O: Distance between L and O
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